Matopos Heritage MTB Challenge

Date: 26-30 March 2025

This is a three-day event, check-in and dinner on Wed, on bikes on Thu/Fri/Sat, and breakfast before travel home on Sun


Unpaid registrations will automatically be deleted on 1st December 2023, so slots will become available for wait-listed entries

  • All participants, including supporters, are required to complete the online registration per the link above
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  • This event is usually oversubscribed within a few days of entries opening.  Entries after the first 100 riders will be waitlisted

The Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe’s ancient landscape full of mystery and fascination is Zimbabwe’s largest World Heritage Site, in excess of 3,000 km2 and is the country’s only UNESCO Cultural Landscape Site.

The Matobo Hills is over 2.5 billion years old, and has hosted mankind for the past 400,000 years. Within the historic area is found the greatest concentration of rock art to be found anywhere in the world – and this will feature in the Heritage Ride. The hills have been a retreat not just for the bushman, but for various Bantu tribes, culminating in the 1896 Uprising. The hills are a burial ground of Kings and Heroes, and a tapestry of forts and battlefields, through which we will pass.

The Hills also posses the greatest variety of tree species south of the Zambezi, a diffusion of plant species, and a rich legacy of rare and unique plants. It also plays home to the greatest variety of birds of prey in the globe, the largest population of black eagle and the longest running bird study anywhere in the world. It is reputed to have the biggest leopard population to be found anywhere, and contains both black and white rhino. The largest black mambas are also found here – but we’ll do our best to avoid those! And of course at the bottom of the food chain is a huge population of dassie (rock hyrax) that sustains so much of the predator pyramid.

The Rhodes Matopos National Park, or Matobo National Park, is one of the oldest in the country, with its origins in the will of CJ Rhodes who Left his Matopos estate to the benefit of the people of Bulawayo. Today we will take up that legacy and use the hills for two days of hard recreational activity as we run through this special place.

Matobo MTB Objective & Sponsors

The Matobo Heritage Ride aims to show participants some of the little-visited areas of the Matobo World Heritage Site.  The route originally went from the Western to Eastern boundaries of the WHS, but this has been modified to improve the logistics

This event relies on sponsorship.  Our gold-level sponsors are Halsted’s, Satib and Stanbic

Ben Wood

Such an amazing experience, one that I will never forget. I am so grateful for all the help and support everyone provided after my crash, thank you all so much for that. Sad not to have finished with Zsa Zsa but I am so lucky that I was not more seriously injured.
Really enjoyed the ride that I did do and so thanks again to the event organising team.

Marc and Michelle Germiquet

A huge thank you from Team Germ! We were made to feel so welcome and loved every minute. Hope everyone is recovering well (from the ride! The rest was self-inflicted 😂)
Michelle and Marc (with a C)

Group of Botswana and South African Riders

A big thanks to the organisers and everyone involved. It was truly a great experience for us, and a privilege to be part of an event which is beautiful in scenery but also people. From all the SA /. Bots riders. We will be back next year to clean up.

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