The Natural History of the Matobo Hills

ISBN 978-0-7974-9815-0

Edited by Dr Fenton PD Cotterill, Dr Moira J Fitzpatrick and Julia Duprée

This important record of an area of great biodiversity is available in hardcopy only for US$30 plus packaging and insured postage

Publication was funded by the Matobo Conservation Society, and all proceeds go towards conservation projects in the Matobo World Heritage Site

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Contents include species checklists after each chapter

Chapter 1             Introduction

Chapter 2             Boundaries & Extent

Chapter 3             Geological Origins

Chapter 4             The Physical Features

Chapter 5             The Fungi

Chapter 6             The Lichens

Chapter 7             The Flora

Chapter 8             The Arachnida & other invertebrates

Chapter 9             The Insecta

Chapter 10          The Butterflies

Chapter 11          The Fishes

Chapter 12          The Herpetofauna

Chapter 13          The Birds

Chapter 14          The Mammals

Chapter 15          Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation

Soft Cover Book dimensions: 240 x 180 x 14 mm.  660 grams